Bishop Tobin’s Annual Advent Visit to Jeanne Jugan Residence

The Second Sunday of Advent 2017 was the occasion of the annual visit by Bishop Thomas J. Tobin to Jeanne Jugan Residence. Bishop Tobin celebrated Mass for Residents and staff and was joined on the Altar by Msgr. William Varsanyi, Bishop Ernest Boland, and Fr. Robert Caul.

The Bishop arrived early allowing time for a brief visit with the Little Sisters and greeting Residents as they entered the Chapel. Following Mass Bishop Tobin presented to each Resident a Holy Card with a beautiful picture of our Blessed Mother.

The Bishop then visited the Residents in the Dining Rooms. He went from table to table and spent time greeting and talking to each Resident. He also greeted staff members and gave them a Holy Card as a token of his prayers for each one.

Bishop Tobin’s homily centered on St. John the Baptist, the bridge between the Old Testament and the New Testament. Bishop described this time of year in the natural world as dark and cold as we approach the shortest day of the year. The earth is tilted away from the sun. He then described John the Baptist as a most colorful, eccentric, fiery, compelling preacher coming out of the desert inviting all to repent of our sins. Our sins turn us away from God.

Advent is a time to repent of our sin. It is a time of leaning back to welcome Christ our Light at Christmas.

Photos courtesy of the Rhode Island Catholic